Web Surf and Tide: Primeval Creative Morass or Just Plain Time Suck

I don't surf, but I always wanted to. The closest is being tossed in the raging surf of the Worldwide Web, but now and then one rides a wave and it goes all the way to shore.

Facebook, RSS, even the New York Times, okay especially the New Times, are a time suck. For procrastinators it is especially dangerous. Those of us who should be checking references and moving commas find ourselves, Oh God I Admit My Iniquity--creating Facebook applications. Like "What Kind of Euro Trash Are You?" Now and then, however, an electronic miracle occurs and a random image or article starts a chain reaction that changes everything. This image did that for me. It is a great image, but not life changing on the face of it.

I was looking for "scary" old school images for a gift app called "Oh the Horrors" and ran across this image at http://www.photography.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/podcas16-image-ark-l.jpg. My eyesight is failing, both from the middle-age thing and from a genetic condition so the close-up and macro photography that has always interested me is becoming frustrating. Frustrating enough that I wanted to throw my cute little Canon Powershot A95 across the desert floor. Intentionally blurred photography was a revelation for me and I started doing research about it online. Information is kind of sparse, but I found more images, some that I loved, and some that made me think, (famous last words) "I could do that."

Powershot in hand I ventured out into the mountains near Santa Fe and threw my camera around in line with the early spring aspen, but blind as I am, on my camera screen they didn't look blurred at all. So I took some more. Six hundred in all. Then I went searching for more vertical and horizontal shapes to play with. By this time it was raining and threatening snow, but I stood out in it trying to catch the flying shapes of giant mullen stalks in the failing light. When I got back to the motel room, I had several hundred pretty interesting shots. Even the overexposed ones and the underexposed ones had an eerie simplicity that seemed to capture the mood of the day better than any of my in-focus images.