Rotunda Detail

After the November election I had the opportunity to be present for the swearing-in of my friend Cherie Buckner-Webb as the Idaho State Legislature held a special session. I had forgotten how beautiful the Capitol Rotunda is, and had not seen it since the recent renovations. Every creamy detail held multiple shade of white. The Christmas decorations bloomed in scarlet against the green and peach pastel marbles inlaid into the floor, and Greek Revival columns and corbels play graceful tricks with light and shadow. In addition the weeks of recent snow made the outside as pale and romantic as the inside of the building and I was in some perfect spots to get photos of the Rotunda, finished in 1912, as it is reflected in the State office building known as the Hall of Mirrors, across the street.

To capture the subtle play of light and the pale, pale winter colosr, as well as the details of architecture, I chose to play with a trial version of Topaz and a few of the "grunge" presets available for Lightroom. 










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