Where the Wild Light Lies

I'm experimenting with this series of dark/light extreme ways of seeing the long view desert. While photographing as a monotone, the open spaces that I love have an overwhelming presence of light and dark and do not FEEL monochromatic. I printed one of these on metal in a sheer ink for the show at the Modern Hotel and the results were more effective than I anticipated. The sheer ink and the faint gleam of the metal underlay give a dreamy, dramatic, yet peaceful effect -- exactly what I was going for.

The Snake River is one of the great and little known rivers of the world, and certainly one cannot know the Mountain west without learning its secrets. The people that have lived on its banks for 20,000 years; the wet smell of its swelling current, when only dry sun smells surround it; the place where the calm movement becomes the River of No Return and the effect that no-return policy has had historically and psychologically; the Ranch that was once ours at Farewell Bend, where the river turns away from the Oregon Trail and settlers had to leave its comfort.  

swan falls sml-1.jpg

Swan Falls Downstream

Swan Falls in Darkness 067.jpg

 Swan Falls -- The Dam on the Snake

swan falls sml the canyon-1.jpg

Swan Falls -- The Canyon

swan falls sml upstream-1-2.jpg

Swan Falls Upstream -- darker 

house at swan falls sml-1.jpg

House at Swan Falls

A Week At Ballet School

iPhone Series in Imitation of Arthur Rackham