Canon 50d Easterb Oregon Images


I've always had a special affinity for dragonflies, and they haunted these old places. Very large, over four inches, and without fear, they let me approach fairly close. The photo above gave me an interesting lesson in cropping... I immediately like the image as it is here, but then cropping down to five a better close-up of the dragon fly seemed obvious. The closer crop, however, lost all grace and drama. Somehow it became a close-up of a dragon fly, losing the feeling of the drowsy afternoon, the lines and implid movement of the grasses, and additionally looked like a bad, discard-category photo. Although this version doesn't show you the hairs on the legs, it captures better the glimmer of the dragonfly afternoon.

loading pens



 loading pen detail


 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge reflections -- the middle of nowhere


floating islands

Old Wooden Fence 


Coastal Blurs: Vanishing Point

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