IPhone Ballet Series

These are the best of the fifty or so iPhone photos I took during my week with the Eagle Performing Arts Center Summer Dance Intensive. The other series, taken with the Canon 50d, can be viewed HERE. After finishing up my card on the 50d, I was not tired of watching, although I was exhausted in every other way, and felt that I'd been dancing myself instead of recieving a lesson in the meaning of "core strength."  At that point I took out the iPhone, and everyone gave me funny looks. Why would anyone be using an iPhone when they had just taken four hours worth of photos with such a beauty of a "real" camera. Nevertheless, several of the best photos of that day came from this group as well as one of my all-time favorite portraits -- that of the girl waiting seen below.  

The apps used for these photos varied. On the very hi-con black and whites, such as the one below, I used the rich black and white option on "Old Camera." As I've pointed out before, Old Camera is moody, not just in its evocative photos, but by nature since so many of them don't turn out at all. It is also slow in processing and can only be used as a camera app--not to add effects to those already taken. Most of these I brightened in PhotoFX.

The color photos used either a combination of Snapseed, which had just come out for the iPhone with PhotoFX or SimplyHDR along with Snapseed, and/or Pixlromatic.  Most, especially the color, went through quite a few iterations before I arrived at the look I wanted.  

The most interesting thing about processing these photographs over the last month, has been a renewed understanding of the power of shape and form in making a photograph work.  Ballet photos, if nothing else, are strong on these elements, and the challenge lay in not taking away from line and form in post-production. 



















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