April Fools

small april.jpg

An April Fool waits too long, believes too
Long the previous month’s kisses
Spinning new moon after new moon rue
And the limb enjambment’s jigsaw
Perfection of the abdominal slope
And hope
The April Fool believes in rising again
At the stroke repeated, fears no flood,
And sees the turning of now to then
Made less sad, breath by quickening
Breath, lightening this side of the skies,
Then cries
Would the April Fool wait on for scent
Alone, a breath of sandalwood or sweat,
The hollow where the neck is bent
And the sugar rush biting not so gently
Back, and still set aside pride,
You decide
The other April Fool lets go, lets Not
Untie the knot, one kiss being like unto
Another after all, and why repeat the plot
So peak blindness pleasure built up thrice
Just leaks away in weeks of rain
No pain
Did we say goodbye, such an April Fool
Am I; to say farewell, were you an April Fool
As well?  If saying “April Fools” could set
It right, this pair of fools could make a straight.
Oh, why did those kisses came so late,
Curse Fate.

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