Palimpisest "again rubbed smooth"

i dream of resilience
salt water
the path of angels
a certain taste
waking, cast off these
for hair shirts
exchanging wet silk for damp pavements
rare fire and snow for bad weather
as I once did
for love
now daily as directed
upon my glow-in-the-dark rosary
trying to learn my lesson

I conjugate anger but lust for
another list
I pluck out barbs and god they hurt
praying for the sound that heals
but only count coup against my heart
enumerate tears along with why not
examine the looking glass
find nothing worthy there
that explains everything, does it not? 
I obey the last request
obey, though it is not in my nature

all kinds of erasures
pink pencil tops, kneadable art, spot remover, auto-delete, 
naphtha spirits, block sender, Mr. Clean Magic Sponge,
Shout, New Dawn, lemon juice, bleach, file search and destroy,
rubber band wrist, judicious pruning, sandpaper, pumice, 
wallpaper paste and overpainting, 
I say betrayal
I dream teeth

betrayal, I repeat, repeating
dream white vodka, viivd  breath, cold water,
the smell of sandalwood and salt
dream pretty bruises
encoded messages buried
deeply, sharply in white satin
I erase and delete
but all the pictures remain
indelible you

The Flying Dutchman

Among the Frozen Leaves