On Treachery [Magritte Challenge]

 "We question pictures before listening to them, we question them at random. And we are astonished when the reply we had expected is not forthcoming.Paul Nougé, 1944

They called me “smarty pants” when I asked
If Mary had a “vaj-I-nah” at the Christmas crèche
Before the Altar
I just wanted to know

She called me “Smarty Pants” when I asked
Folding the baby's clothes
“Why does Daddy like me
Better than you do?”

They called me “smarty pants” when
I pointed out that in tomato soup
Dumplings look almost like
Slick white slugs

They asked where I was going.
I answered with a question,
“I can lie or I can tell you the truth,
Which do you prefer?”



I Cannot Lie

Window Sill