On Ordination


from microscopic layered life
from generations pressed by
the weight of water
we become almost one
collective wickedness and wisdom
thin as Bible pages
we are still clay
mud made
waiting for meaning 

bright currents restless
until the end
when exploding, raining,
oozing over the cool
shell of eden
we harden as we must
attain a final shape
do we long again
for magma
melting fire rivers
that distills all earthly silicates
to one molten soul?
we do and we don’t --
a little in love with this
stony persona 

all that sediment weight
those fiery husks wait
what might be eternity
but isn’t
pressed by ancient oceans
passing mountains
great stresses from above
we protoliths
stained by tears
for deeds unsung
are ground very fine
at last transfigured
and thunderstruck
jewels out of God

από τη δύναμη του Θεού



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