The Heart of The Monster

The heart of the matter
Lies below the canyon wall
Flat silk running
Today the great cat slumbers
The canyon
Yawns and shivers
Slipping past the river
Slow shadows flex toward evening
Waterlight strikes silver

 Just as the Crow calls
Oh My God

It is hard to wait
for the pain to stop

Double strands web the secret stars
a transept
intersects the heart
where it fell

The People singing their Ascension[1]
Into day after silver day

[1]We would have come another way, east of Eden, hallowed by a book, taking a corner of Sumer (some err). I am heir to a home long forgotten whose old heart lies in a stubble field. A small god gone in the fray. 

Fires and ice and grasses passing
Here the blades make obeisance
Coyote passes
The heart
Oh, he flung it here
All planes and darknesses and topaz
The canyon stretches and sighs slumbering
dark rock down one side, on the other
The pattern parting white
Pine and ponderosa
And cradled thereby

The river tickling pearl
Sweet belly of the brown trout flashing
On old stone kisses

On the Clearwater
Down from Orofino[2]
Many hawks wait
Hunting on the wind

Ferruginous, Swainson, Harrier,
Cooper’s, Roughleg, Sharpshinned

[1] Certainly the pain could be worse -- could be a burn or a slide on hot pavement. Hurting enough at night, to discourage dreaming. I’ll try to hold it for
someone else --maybe in a holding cell, bruised, cold, waiting. Might as well carry it as something like grace.

[2] ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­If you knew Coyote. He let himself be taken with the others. Turning the monster inside out, he flung the heart right here. Pain comes as briars, or wires, barbed and sticky on the long muscles.  Ages pass the night, trapped beneath the quilts.  After the last battle General Howard massacred those spotted horses, but they still run.

We see each other
From a dizzy height
The solid heart lies
Here at the end
Those grasses are the inscription
Cuneiform in motion
Too quick to read
The meadowlark printing
With her kindling feet

(Broken and mended)[1]
Her bell telling just what
Clarion on the Clearwater
Not the song of the Palouse,
Not plainsong
Stop here
Kingfisher diving
For something darker, brighter,

The canyon wall unwinds
Most holy
Bring the ponies down to drink
Spotted flank and tails flashing

[1] Coyote broke them. Like a bone needle. It was an accident and yes, he mended them later, but you can still see the broken place.

It’s not my place to say
Though the heart consumes me[*]
That lump of earth,
Skips a beat
Sudden rock the center waits
Centuries pass like horses
Dying on the wind
Mayflies still lick the water there
Sliding silk
Holy holy holy
Simmers over flesh
Gravesong, nightsong, windsong, brightsong
Make some other language say it
Fires and ice and grasses passing
The heart of monster
Blessing waters slinging gilt

[*] Communion?





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