How quickly the generations pass away
Unter der Linden and gay Paree
No amount of begetting will allow us much forgetting
Of rules one through three:
Our grandparents died
Our parents died
So die we
But, none of these is as frightening
As the next (future imperfect)
Floating Garden, Floating World
Our children will die too. 

How quickly the generations pass away
Carnaby Street and Arab nation
In this silver setting our continual blood-letting
Allow repetitive conjugation:
I die
You die (singular)
He dies/she dies
But none of these hurt us like the rule
(Future unconditional)

Gates of Anubis, Gates of Vallhalla
Our children will die too
How quickly the generations pass away
Tamilnadu and deathless Venice
All our aiding and abetting don’t allow for much regretting
My future (distant)
Has become my present (active)

I learned from many kisses, as Ovid (future perfect),
Fields of poppy, fields of crocus
To wish that my children die beloved. 

Going Out to Sole's Rest

Her Names