Last Call at the Owl

you could hear

He is coming like the glory
of the morning on the wave
a coin
in the Owl
silence carved
a chasm after her

bourbon broken voice
woman shards
of desolace
and Nick’s one hearing

aid is not enough
does anybody know the battle

of the coming of the lord

blue jay talks fast
like a cat crying
in the alley behind
the bar his wife knows

mine eyes have seen the glory
beauty is a crime
none forgive

from auschwitz to alpena

the grapes of wrath are stored

last call
one hand on the end chords
closing out the set

with a glory in his bosom
neither you nor i can see
they  cry
in the wilderness
we know from home

all the words
she carries
rising discarded

by the dim and flaring lamps
faster through each flourish
nick can’t stop
for her voice

his terrible swift sword
is forging on broken
a paper bag
His vessel

sifting out the hearts of men
quavers and shreds
be swift my soul to answer Him
the soliloquy of the lost

after the glory glory
Blue jay
locks up the owl
Nick and Beauty wait while

falls away

Siphonophorae (jellyfish)

Milky Way