Translation No. 2. Tattered Verse

2010 A. D.

Those ancient poems dragged
Across so many tongues                                                                                       
Tamed, re-defined, fined,                                                                                                       
Swept along graveled centuries                                                              
Like a lady’s train, bits of lace will catch stones,                                                               
Tearing that once-fine gauzy fabric, handspun,                                                 
Linked on a moving human loom                                             
Embroidered with Cyprian blues                                                                                           
Re-tethered by cobwebs                                                                                                         
Dentelles Valenciennes, Broiderie Anglais                                                           
Soothed by nuns and scribes,                                                                                  
Even Sappho’s lattice of sparrows
Arranged as proper satin ribbons                                             
The field deleted from her voice                                                            
When set upon by Victorians                                                                   


Those many ancient tongues
Punished across graveled centuries
A lady’s train
Catching stones
Tearing that hand
On a human loom
Cyprian cobwebs
Stitching English nuns
And Scribes as would be lovers
Even Sappho’s lattice
Satin ribbons
Arranged by Victorians


2316 A.D.

Dragged across
Tamed bits
Of stones
Cyprian cobwebs
Soothed by
Her voice

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