On Mayday Eve


On Mayday Eve
Sun melted greens
You and I went down
Elastic shards of light
And drowsy with the coming heat
Winter skidding downstream
joy pressing soft
a narrow path led back
the light behind my eyes
the way we’d come.
Damp edged shadows too light to travel
Beaded blade
We rested

On May Day Eve
Tender white buds
In a soft place promises in the wet moss
Trampled last by bedding deer
Still and pale
We turned
On a rough and curling tongue
That shimmering held
The doubled weight moves time
To a count of two

So our separate flesh
Sweet slide
On May Day Eve
Under a common altar
Old seasons crumbling
And a high pale bride,
Motion on a shadow’s rim
This swirling trickle
The mystery of breath
Solstice snow
Descended like scarred flesh
Pressing on
You pulled me down
To the Clearwater
On May Day Eve

Coyote Lake, Somewhere beyond McDermitt

Mary's Eyes