Tender Threads

Faith is such a little flight
So fragile that effervescent, lifting light
As unseen threads drawn by birds
Sighing branch to branch, and night by night
(small hearts that could have driven South)
Binding all in webbing too bright to see

They say (and it is easy to believe)
That there are no silver strings between the stars
No hearts, no bindings wrought in other lives,
No reeds in pools that cannot die.
Too many voices casting out
The little faith we found
Held in the space between
Our breaths
And wake without tonight tonight tonight

Too many voices (and our fear) declare
 That magic is a symptom not a drive
And some truth lies therein and some despair.
Can we just leave the doubt
To those who cannot see the trees
Are bound as we
By delicate and incandescent threads
In the flight of birds
Whose work our lives have sewn
Together day by day
In faithful flight


Cradle Moon